The influence of Dublin

Growing up in the south meant that I was not able to experience vast amounts of diversity in different races or socioeconomically. Since being in Dublin, I have been taking classes at Dublin Business School (DBS)  as well as interning at a local advertising agency called BrandX. During my internship at BrandX I have been able to truly interact with Irish, Australian, and South African citizens. These experiences have allowed me to learn what it is like to study in a multicultural city like Dublin and how these experiences can help me develop to be a more well-rounded person. There are many more benefits to learning and living in a multicultural city like Dublin that will greatly benefit me in the future. 

One benefit of studying abroad in a multicultural city like Dublin is that diversity can offer a platform that drives creativity and innovation. By having multiple cultures, personalities, and perspectives communities can benefit from open communication that results in out-of-the-box thinking. Diverse knowledge and insight mixed with creativity, innovation, and open communication aids teams to be more productive. This is an experience I have personally gone through will attending classes at DBS as a result of discussions and learning with classmates all from different cultures and perspectives.

Another benefit of being in Dublin is the challenge to be able to communicate efficiently between multiple cultures which can be difficult when facing negative stereotypes as well as prejudice. However, daunting this challenge may seem it can offer experience in learning how to continue being open-minded, patience and flexible when confrontation and miscommunication. There have been several times within my study abroad trip to Dublin that accents, social mannerisms, and the difference in linguistics between cultures have made daily tasks like giving directions or basic small talk a bit more challenging. Through these situations, I have grown as a person and developed skills like open-mindedness, patience, and respect for different perspectives and other cultures.

Lastly one of my favorite benefits of living in Dublin aside from the amount of diversity between culture and learning how to deal with conflict at the moment is the greater chance to develop personally and professionally. Working whether in my internship or class project has been a truly enriching experience that allows me to learn about other cultures, perspectives, and values in a different country. I am so thankful for the opportunity to live and learn in Dublin as it has impacted me heavily in so many ways. Despite being scammed and getting lost walking or in a taxi, Dublin has been an amazing experience and came to an end much sooner than expected.

Overall, learning and living in a multicultural city like Dublin has not only inspired me to continue traveling to new countries to further develop being a well-rounded person, but also allow me to help others by learning new skills and cultures, and engage in deep intellectual discussions.

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